Vascat S.A. is glad to announce the launching of the new MAC QTW series 6-pole three-phase asynchronous liquid-cooled motors with torque range from 743 to 4680 Nm and nominal power between 37-428 kW. Among others, their main features are:

  • IP23 protection degree
  • IC 97W cooling type (liquid cooled)
  • SGR shaft grounding ring on NDE
  • Electrically insulated bearing housings and B balancing degree

The motors of the QTW series are particularly suitable for applications with low noise level demands like End-Of-Line (EOL) and Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) dynamometers.

VASCAT has a large experience in providing motor solutions for Testing systems and stand out for its short delivery times (even for customized motors) and very competitive quality/price ratio.

Please feel free to contact us to collaborate in your next projects.


COAPSA crane

COAPSA, a top engineering company in the Spanish market of lifting and handling systems for the nuclear industry, has entrusted VASCAT to supply of three MAC QI motors for a modernization project of the fuel lift system located at Almaraz nuclear power plant (Cáceres).

Specifically, VASCAT has supplied two 130 kW MAC QI 200 motors for the auxiliary lift drive system and a 10 kW MAC QI 132 motor for the traverse drive system. Both motors have been customized according to the customer’s specifications. In addition to this, the QI 200 motors have been equipped with acoustic insulation kit in order to reduce its noise level. The validation tests of these machines were carried out jointly with the customer in the VASCAT facilities and also had the participation of an external certification body.

Evidence of the success of this collaboration is that COAPSA is going to trust again in VASCAT for a second crane modernization.



We are pleased to announce our new and summarised COMPANY PROFILE where you will find knowledge nuggets about our CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS, DIRECT DRIVE and HIGH SPEED concepts and our unique and novel ENGINEERING TOOLS, which simplify the process of motor sizing and selection for their individual applications.

It should be noted that, in order to facilitate the extension of information directly on our website, both editions provide interactivity through QR codes, as well as direct links the digital edition, which can be downloaded by clicking here.