Vascat is located about 85 km from Barcelona. To reach the firm, drive north on the C-33 or B-23 road, enter the Barcelona-France AP-7 motorway, eventually exiting at VIC-PUIGCERDÀ and continuing along the C-17 motorway toward VIC. Continue around the periphery of VIC, heading toward TORELLÓ-SUR/MANLLEU, then at TORELLÓ, turning left at the first roundabout and heading for the Polígono Industrial Mas de les Vinyes.

Lat. 42º 02′ 50.15″ N
Lon. 2º 16′ 26.17″ E


Torelló is a city with a population of 14,000 that is located in the valley of the Ges river (tributary of the Ter river). The city was originally known for the manufacture of wood articles and textile manufacture, although its principal industry is now metalworking (blowers, exhaust fans, electrical conductors, etc.). The city is well-known for its carnival (February) and International Mountain Film Festival (November).