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Engineering Tools

Easiest way to your optimum motor solution

VASCAT offer four software tools for Customers own use to simplify the process of motor sizing and selection for their individual applications. It only takes a few minutes to specify the optimum motor solution. All these tools are freely available on www.vascat.es

Application sizing

  • Calculation sheets for the typical industrial applications.
  • Calculates the required working points of torque, speed and power.
  • Very simple to input the main parameters.
  • Produces Graphical and Numerical results.
  • Data is easily exported via standard spreadsheet files.

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Motor selection program

  • User-friendly interface:
    1. Select the required motor series.
    2. Enter the Rated speed and the Maximum speed (optional).
    3. Enter the Rated Torque or Power.
  • Program suggests three options: Most suitable motor and nearest above and below models.
  • The final motor selection is completed via the motor interactive datasheet and checking the power and torque ‘envelope’ of the motor covers the all the working points of the application.

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Interactive datasheet

  • Motor datasheet is based on the interactive spreadsheet allowing:
    - Entry of the maximum and base supply voltage.
    - Duty service evaluation.
    - Wide choice of Windings.
    - Plotting of both the motor performance and the application working points.
  • Full Motor data is provided to simplify the Inverter Drive set-up.

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Engineering Drawings and 3D models

  • CAD Motor dimension drawings in .dwg format.
  • 3D model file formatted in STEP.
  • Free access to download the CAD files for all standard motors.
  • Drawings and CAD models of custom designed motors available quickly.