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High Speed

Electrical machines for test benches

  • The high-speed and high dynamic performance required by dynamometers and test benches is now fulfilled by Vascat’s specially designed range of ‘High Speed’ asynchronous vector motors.
  • VASCAT’s High-speed motors are specifically designed for Test Rig applications. The very robust design and low inertia rotor covers the wide speed and torque range up to 10,000 rpm and 1,070 Nm, both in motoring and absorbing mode.

  • VASCAT offers complete mechanical and electrical motor customization including Trunnion mounting, Torque flange, Accelerometer provision and Blocking device, etc.) with very short delivery times.

High Speed Testing


  • Both Motoring and Absorbing Rating Data available
  • Superior dynamics
  • Very low vibration
  • Energy saving
  • Wide field weakening range
  • Long life
  • ...