MAC HS2 225

We are glad to announce the release of the new MAC HS2 225. This new two-pole high-speed asynchronous machine extends our HS2 (HS stands for high-speed) motor series which now covers a rated power range from 180 to 340 kW and a maximum speed of 12,000rpm. It has been specifically developed to provide smooth operation when applied in powertrain and engine dynamometers.

With a rated torque of 460 Nm and nominal power between 183 kW and 204 kW, the HS2 225 has been designed to achieve maximum speeds up to 12,000 rpm. The motor has IP23 protection and is IC06 air-cooled. The MAC HS2 225 can be customized in several ways to meet specific requirements, for example with torque flange provision, a blocking device or accelerometer provisions.

VASCAT has a wealth of experience in providing motor solutions for testing systems. It can deliver products quickly – even customized motors – at a competitive quality/price ratio.

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