New driveline efficiency test rig

Drive System Design Inc, an award winning engineering consultancy specialising in the design, development and control of future transmission and driveline systems, has built a new driveline test facility in Michigan, USA.

The facility’s first project is the test and development of a full parallel hybrid transmission for a front-wheel drive application for a North American vehicle manufacturer.

In this project, VASCAT was responsible for supplying a MAC QI and a MAC HS4 which make suitable for all transmission types, including engine accessory drives, such as supercharger gearboxes. It will largely be used for transmission efficiency testing and the data produced will also ensure that transmission efficiency math models produced in-house are well correlated.

Equipment at the center will enable manufacturers to lower vehicle emissions, improve fuel economy and increase electric vehicle range.

VASCAT has a large experience in providing motor solutions for testing systems and stands out for its short delivery times (even for customized motors) and a very competitive quality/price ratio.

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