We are pleased to inform that we have renewed the motors on our MAC QI asynchronous 250 frame size motors. As a result of the VASCAT’s commitment to continuous improvement of its products, we have implemented several design changes on the motors with the bigger frame size in our MAC division. As a result of this improvement the power density of this frame size has been increased to approximately 27% thereby expanding the nominal torque limit of our MAC QI motor series up to 3,550 Nm. With this redesign the VASCAT’s 250 motor frame size is currently offering highly competitive performances only comparable to bigger motor sizes (280mm) existing on the market. Therefore the new MAC QI 250 motors have a very high torque/inertia ratio making them a very interesting solution for all kinds of high dynamic applications (shears, sheeters, test benches, etc..). The new datasheets for these motors are now available on our website.