Vascat S.A.’s development is based on added value, high product and service flexibility and close client technical support while maintaining highly competitive pricing. Availability of products and suppliers who share our philosophy are essential to achieving these goals, as we consider procurement to be a strategic area for company profitability, innovation and improvement.

Therefore, our suppliers must offer suitable quality and pricing, in addition to a high level of flexibility in satisfying our demand since most parts and components required are for short runs or are unitary (for example, shafts or parts designed exclusively for a client). In addition, our suppliers must be prepared to work together towards continuous development and to maintain a highly proactive attitude – proposing improvements and innovations that result in cost reduction and improvements of our processes and/or products.

We are aware of the difficulty in finding valid suppliers. Therefore, VASCAT seeks to establish long term relationships and mutual trust with suppliers.

If your company fits our supplier profile, please fill in the contact form and our supply department will contact you shortly.