MAC QI 218kW Roller Chassis Dynamometer

In one more example of the possibilities of adaptation of its motors, VASCAT has collaborated in the modernization of Roller Chassis Dynamometer of a major manufacturer in the automotive sector.

In this project, VASCAT has supplied two 218 kW MAC QI asynchronous servomotors to the system integrator who has to implement this upgrade. These machines have replaced the old D.C. motors and have allowed to increase the power of the test bench and reduce the need for maintenance.

Specifically, these A.C. motors with an IEC 315 size provide torque up to 7200 Nm, speed up to 290 rpm, IP23 protection, IC17 cooling with an IM6811 trunnion mounting type, and flying leads type connection.

The customized mechanical design has been a work of close collaboration with the system integrator engineering to have a spare part fully compatible with the existing D.C. motors and cover the improvements proposed by the end customer.

VASCAT has a wealth of experience in providing motor solutions for testing systems. It can deliver products quickly (even customized motors) at a competitive quality/price ratio.

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